Monday, December 22, 2008

iPod craziness

Since the launch of iPod , the world seems changed. Changing the way people listen to the music. We used to listen to the radio or music at home or in the car. Since the introduction of Walkman many years ago, people listen to the music in a private manner using a set of headphones.

Now everybody is using it. When i came to the States, i see everybody is wearing the headphone. It becomes an accessory wherever they go. The campus area is full of iPod that students hang them to their ears day or night. It even tags along with them when nature calls. That i believe an iPod addict.

When i was in the UK a decade ago, i was an audiophile. I bought some expensive hi-fi separate equipment that costing thousands of GBP just for the pleasure of serious listening. I admit that being audiophile is reserving your life to the sound and music. I was almost changed my degree to Audio Engineering, mind you!

The world is changing. You dont have to spend a fortune no more for a serious listening. The invasion of mp3 as a digital music file has abruptly changed our lifestyle , especially the young (and the students at the campus). They can even talk to you with the earphones on. Yes they are so addicted to mp3 players like iPod, Sony Walkman etc... Believe me, it may give you hours of pleasure listening with good definition of music that you crave for. 

I dont think Im addicted yet, as I am kinda audiophile. I still love my long serving NHT floorstanding loudspeaker, Marantz cd player, pre and power amps, Audiolab amplifier etc. 

Yes the world keeps changing, so do I...
I have two "best friends" now... iPod and Sony Walkman...

Gelora di Hati Sara

I was so gazed and addicted to watch this serial drama now aired on RTM1. But i watched it by coincidence when one of my friends, Tet introduced it to me. I had the chance watching it on Youtube, now it is already in the final episode. 

It started when Azrul (Rosyam Noor) married Sara (Fauziah Latiff) while they were studying together in the UK. Azrul wanted to surprise their parents on his marriage whenever he came back to Malaysia but things were not as his expectation when his mother wished to marry him with a woman of her choice, Tengku Marina (Watie). 

He got no choice than to accept it as her mother is having a heart problem, he is afraid if his "surprise" would worsen her mother's health condition. At the same time Sara works at his father's company as a lawyer. His father (Datuk Rahim Razali) is becoming affected to Sara as she shows dedication to her job. He falls in love with Sara day by day without knowing she is Azrul's wife. Azrul never tells their parents about his marriage and keeps it  secret though Sara becomes pressured and jealous when Tengku Marina seems so intimate with him.

Until then, he married Tengku Marina lovelessly while Sara's feelings become more terrible. She asked for a divorce but Azrul does not want to as he still loves Sara. 

This drama reminds me of my UK days when many of my friends married during the study without parents knowledge. Some of them going well until today and some just lead a separate way. Life is so varied and uncertain. Though we succeed in our profession, it doesnt grant us a cheerful personal life. God Knows...